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BiKASE Announces the Addition of Strategic Mobility Operator Brett Frazee

by Bikase Store Admin 08 Nov 2022

Former Enterprise Fleet Management executive to lend his strategic perspective as an investor

Milwaukee, WI – September 1, 2022 – BiKASE, a leading manufacturer of bicycle accessories and innovator in the hard goods space, is pleased to recognize the addition of Brett Frazee, Managing Partner of BF4 Capital, as an investor and strategic partner. Frazee’s nearly 25 years of experience in the transportation and technology space, most recently with Enterprise Fleet Management, will assist the team to support the organization’s growth initiatives. 

A cyclist and mobility enthusiast, Frazee is passionate about the industry and will bring his knowledge of identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities while developing innovative solutions and strategies that reinforce the unwavering commitment to a memorable rider experience to the BiKASE team.

“As a known and respected leader in the cycle accessory industry, we are thrilled to welcome Brett to the BiKASE team as a strategic investor,” said Chad Buchanan, Founder of BiKASE. “Brett has built and led high-performing teams in a competitive transportation environment. His corporate experience and guidance will be a tremendous resource in supporting strategic growth opportunities as we look to expand BiKASE products, both in geographical reach and integrated technology, to more cycling enthusiasts throughout and the world.”

The strategic partnership will fuel international expansion opportunities within BiKASE’s current offerings as well as reinforce a commitment to new technological advancements in SHGs, or smart hard goods.  

Demand for bicycles is on the rise, accelerated by the COVID pandemic with bicycle sales increasing 65% in just one year, according to the World Economic Forum. During that same period, electric bicycle sales grew 145%.

“There is a massive opportunity in the bicycle, micro-mobility, and hard-good ancillary space.  BiKASE has been supporting cycling enthusiasts, as well as casual riders, with innovative products for several years.  They’re a great company, with well-engineered and quality-built products that have distinguished BiKASE as the best-in-class standard for bicycle accessories,” said Frazee. “I am honored to support the team at such an exciting time as we look at cycling products through a technological and international lens.” 

About BiKASE 

The vision for BiKASE was born out of a desire to provide cyclists with well-designed products that address the needs of all types of riders. Whether for an extended adventure, riding for exercise, commuting, touring, training, or trail riding, we delight in designing and producing practical accessories for you and your ride. Whether a shop owner or bicycle rider, our TOP priority is to be sure all our customers are not just satisfied but are more than pleased with the performance of our products. For more information, visit

About BF4 Capital 

BF4 Capital is an investment portfolio with assets focused on fun, mobility, micro-mobility, cycling, outdoor, and healthy brands. Bringing like-minded companies together through ownership, strategic partnerships, and unique relationships.  Our mobility companies are focused on improving the safety and the overall rider experience with electrification, technology, and convenience.  

Media Contact: 
Jamie Levin 
JLevin Communications, LLC

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