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by Peter Byrd:

I got my hands on the CoolKASE from BiKASE and took it on a test trek with my bike to try out this cooling case in the wild.

My Verdict

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The BiKASE CoolKASE is my new riding companion. I’m now part adventure junkie, part drink dispenser. The CoolKase itself is a cooler in it’s own right, but with an array of straps, clips and buckles, it attaches to pretty much anything to become a portable cooler. I spent the better part of a weekend attaching it to anything that came across my path.


Let’s start with the cooler part. I’ve never been on a hike without a cooler. Ever. It’s an essential piece of equipment for any hiker or camper. I need milk with my coffee in the morning and my top-of-the-hill celebration steak isn’t going to keep itself cool.

I filled my CoolKase with ice, drinks and snacks for the weekend and headed off on my test trek, comfortable that it would keep everything cool for when I needed it. I checked on it through the test trek to judge its cold-retaining ability. I’m happy to report that the CoolKase was more than a match for my regular cooler, perhaps even more efficient.

The second key element that sets the CoolKase apart from a regular cooler are the straps, buckles and clips surrounding it. At first I was a little lost with the array of straps and hooks but at a second glance, it all starts to make sense.

The guys at BiKASE have thought of pretty much every way to strap this great cooler onto pretty much anything. I got carried away mid-test trek and managed to attach it to a tree, my canoe, a fence, my truck’s grill and the inside of my tent. I was like a cooling machine.

In terms of real-world applications, I found that the CoolKase strapped easily on to my bike. It has a slot purposely to be used with pannier racks which is great apart from I don’t have one on my bike. Luckily, the CoolKase’s many straps enabled me to strap it onto the rear of my bike and it gripped strongly enough for me to take it down some pretty rugged trails without it shaking loose.

Then at the bottom of the trail, I was the most hated man in the forest as I took out my ice-cold sports drink while everyone else suffered in the weekend heat.

BiKASE CoolKASE Cooling

Aside from biking, the CoolKase’s array of straps and clips meant that I was able to use it in a multitude of ways over the test trek.

I strapped it inside my truck when we were travelling, allowing easy access for my passengers to use as we drove. I also attached it to the inside of my tent during the day at an elevated level. This kept it clear of any floor-level muck and also freed up some much needed floor space in my two-man tent.

If you have a chance to partake in any more exciting sports on your camping trip, you can take the CoolKase with you. I attached the cooler to my canoe as we headed over to a small island in the center of the lake for lunch. I was slightly terrified that I might lose our lunch to the depths of the lake, but the straps held strong and I was able to be the provider of lunch for the group. I might start a snack-canoe business. 30 minutes or less, tide dependant.

BiKASE CoolKASE Straps 1


It might seem odd to cover comfort with a cooler. But when you’re lugging a box filled with ice and drinks up a steep hill, you’ll understand. Hiking equipment is heavy enough as it is, you don’t want to add to that. Luckily the CoolKase is light, so it’s not considerably increasing the weight that you’re already carrying.

It also comes with a padded handle and a genius contoured shoulder strap. My CoolKase was filled to the brim yet I managed to lug it up a series of hills without the strap cutting into my shoulder. Thanks BiKASE!

The other aspect to comfort when carrying the CoolKase is that I don’t have to actually carry it! Remember the straps. Attach it to your bike, your canoe or your unsuspecting hiking mate’s belt. Problem solved.

Weight & Size

As mentioned above, the CoolKase’s well chosen materials mean that it’s not adding much weight to your collection of hiking gear. I was happy carrying the case around all weekend, no bother.

The Coolkase is the perfect size for an individual, a couple or a small group. It measures in at 8″ x 11″ x 9″ which for me is perfect. I managed to fit in all that I needed for a weekend test trek for two with no problems. If you’re hiking with a larger group, you may wish for a larger cooler, or two CoolKases would obviously double your cooling surface area. I think I might pick up another one. A gift from me to me!

BiKASE CoolKASE Straps 2


In previous years, I’ve had to lug my very old, very battered rigid plastic cooler along with me wherever I went. The reason that it’s battered and cracked is because it was made of hard plastic.

The guys over at BiKASE have this flaw covered with their CoolKase. It’s flexible, yet sturdy. Thus I won’t be worried when I drop it or knock it over. They also say it’s puncture resistant. Brilliant!

The creators also say that the CoolKase liner is both waterproof and wipe clean so you don’t have to worry about your drinks leaking out and dripping all over the rest of your camping equipment.



Overall, the BiKASE CoolKASE provides a wide range of functionality. It’s a great cooler in it’s own right and it’s so versatile. I’ll be taking it on every hike and camping trip from now on. With all the additional features and uses, I can’t imagine my hiking life without it.

BiKASE CoolKASE Exterior


The BiKASE CoolKASE has made it onto my essential camping list. It will now be taken on every hike alongside the rest of my trusted hiking equipment. If you’re looking for a great cooler and like the idea of attaching it to your bike, truck, tent or anything really, then this is the cooler for you.

Head over to BiKASE and check it out.