Our friends over at www.oursouthernstyle.com headed out on a weekend cycling trip with the family and used some of our BiKASE products. Check out their full trip review here

Our favorite line of their story, “By mile 50 it was all mind over matter. My backside was killing me, and by that I mean it felt like someone had taken a bat to my hind end! It was being able to play and listen to music on my phone that kept me going and gave me something else to focus on other than the pain. Bikase made it possible to keep my phone (and my water bottle) always within reach!” All of us who ride, know this pain all to well! We are glad BiKASE helped make your trip more enjoyable!

Also, check out their giveaway for the Beetle 6 (our larger top tube universal phone holder that fits any size phone with or without a case).

Picture courtesy of Our Southern Style