Last Friday night a few buddies and I went to see the Milwaukee Brewers take on Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Miller Park here in Milwaukee. It was an amazing pitchers duel, that is if you love baseball, otherwise it was probably just another boring baseball game…few hits, nothing real exciting to speak of, except each pitcher threw a ridiculous amount of strike outs. So for the 4 of us, we were really enjoying the game. We all commented that had we taken our families, we would have left half way thru the game because of the lack of action.

The real highlight wasn’t just the great pitchers duel being played out before our eyes, it was as we were walking into Miller Park…

Walking from the parking lot, I noticed a bunch of security guards on bikes. Being a lover of cycling, I stopped to take notice with all my buddies walking on. I hear one of them yell, ‘Kev, we have to get going, we’re going to miss the first pitch!” as they turn around to see me taking this picture. I was able to talking with these security guards for a few minutes and get some feed back on the City Panniers they all had them nicely displayed on their rear racks. All of them had their lunch, change a clothes and of course, a brewers hat in their pannier…plenty of room and looking good! It was awesome to see that our beloved Milwaukee Brewers Security Guards are using the hometown BiKASE products. Keep up the good work guys and ride on!

The Brewers did go on to lose the game, but seeing BiKASE as part of the Milwaukee Brewers line up, it was a big win for the BiKASE team!