Hey Everyone…Just want to introduce you to our newest phone mount, this time instead of focusing solely on cycling, we have expanded our perspective to include mounting your phone in your car while driving!

vent attachment and disk

Uni Car Mount with disk and vent attachment

Check out our new Kickstarter campaign for the Uni Car Mount where you will find all the details of how the Uni Car Mount works as well as how you can order the Uni Car Mount at a reduced price!

sports pack - bikase

What we are also excited to introduce along with The Uni Car Mount is the Sports Pack, which includes all the goodies you’d expect from BiKASE:
– GoKASE for iPhones for either the iPhone 5, 6, 7, 6+ and 7+
– Handlebar bracket that works with the GoKASE phone case designed to fit handlebars 23mm-34mm (perfect for cycling and strollers!)
– GoKASE Armband for running that works with the GoKASE phone case
– Uni Car Mount with 2 metal disks: designed to fit into most car vents using our patent pending bracket which uses heated spring steel that won’t break and securely holds the bracket into place. Then, we use very powerful N48 magnets that hold your phone to the brushed stainless steel disc. The disc is either attached to your phone, to your case, or placed between your phone and case.

Check it out on Kickstarter until April 4th…click here or on our website (iPhone 6/7 or iPhone 6+/7+)