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Our Most Versatile Accessory Yet

The SuperBand allows you to attach virtually anything to your bike with no tools. It is lightweight, simple, durable and very affordable!

Use it on a bicycle, golf cart, stroller, ATV/UTV, & more.

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About BiKASE

Welcome to the official website of BiKASE Inc, the manufacturer of cycling frame bags, seat bags, totes/basketsdrink holders, smartphone and tablet holders.

Check out the product listing for our entire line of products, including product details such as photos and videos of our products in action. Click the “Buy Local Now” button on every product to search for availability of our products in your area.  Download our 2016 PDF catalog here.

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Weekend camping trip on their bike!

“By mile 50 it was all mind over matter. My backside was killing me, and by that I mean it felt like someone had taken a bat to my hind end! It was being able to play and listen to music on my phone that kept me going and gave me something else to focus on other than the pain. Bikase made it possible to keep my phone (and my water bottle) always within reach!”

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